TES9446 – Testors Aztek Red Opaque – 2oz


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TES9446 – Testors Aztek Red Opaque – 2oz

Top-quality ready to use airbrush acrylic paint, no thinner required.
Acrylic paints are water wash-up and non-toxic.
Great for use on almost any surface imaginable: wood, leather, plastic, metal, ceramic, paper, canvas, corrugate, bisque, terra cotta, plaster, glass, plaster of Paris, fabric and more.
Superior pigment quality, vibrant colors, and rich long lasting finishes.
Suitable for various airbrushing techniques.
Clear Coat with either 9495 Aztek Clear Matte or any acrylic clearcoat.

Please note:  This line of paint is discontinued.  When our stocks are gone – they are gone!

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